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Petvita is a brand of dog and cat food which has been created as a result of many years of research. We share our lives with pets and offer you the best nutritional solutions.

The perfect idea was developed for years

For a long time we have been looking for a food for our belowed pets which could meet our high requirements. Food which composition would combine all the best ingredients used by pet food manufacturers across the world.


The idea of perfect food rised for years. By testing various products, we were looking for pet food with high meat and strictly described source of proteins, a holistic food which is created based on only natural ingredients.

Our pets are carnivores so it is important the food is grain free. All the experience and high expectations we have pushed us to develop a pet food which can meet the expectations of all the pet owners — that's how the PETVITA was created.

Formula of the ideal food is prepared without any flavourings or taste enhancers. Petvita contains only natural flavours due to which is so willingly eaten by dogs.

Additionally we have replaced carbohydrates with fruits and vegetables with low GI (glycemic index). High GI products cause release of large amounts of insulin that is why Petvita formulas are created for a pet to be properly nourished and not exposed to weight gain.

Ideal pet food does not contain artificial ingredients. Petvita is a great source of proteins, contains the highest quality natural antioxidants, Omega-3 acids, zinc, aminoacids and natural prebiotics.

Microelements such as calcium and phosphorus are very important in canine nutrition. Top priority in developing Petvita pet foods is to maintain proper ratio of calcium to phosphorus.

When giving to your pet Petvita food, you can be sure that you will not lead to an imbalance of those elements, what could lead to skeleton decalcification, it's fragility or extended calcification which could stop or impede development of the body.

Petvita pet foods can not be compared with any other product for dogs and cats. Variety of products, high meat content (even 60%), genuine, fresh and regional ingredients delivered in their natural and not processed form perfectly reflect a healthy diet for our pets.

Advanced technology of production allowed us to create perfectly balanced diet, which made the pet food number one in tasty tests.


Pure meat - only local sourced
Energy - for every day
Top quality. Satisfaction guaranteed
Vitality. Life force
Immunity in each kibble
Totally natural. Only the finest ingredients
No rtifical additives - naturaly tasty

Ideally balanced, grain-free food PETVITA is the best solution for your pet

PETVITA Pet Food advantages

  • Gluten free
  • Digestive support
  • Immunity control
  • Body smell
  • High meat
  • Bone & muscle care
  • Omega 3&6
  • Shiny coat

Choose the right food for your pet

Select proper food for your pet. We know how important is proper nutrition. Choose PetVita range based solely on top quality natural ingredients.

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