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Process of creation

Belgium is well known as the world centre of production of top quality pet foods. It is here where all the process of creation of ideally developed Petvita pet food begins.

Where the Petvita comes from?

Where the Petvita comes from?

Production facility is located in Belgian city of Gent and is particularly adapted for production of the top quality pet food. Carefully selected components combined in ideal proportions by world class production equipment are processed into an exceptional food of Super Premium quality.

Technological solutions

Technological solutions

Use of the latest technologies ensures both energetic and flavour values in all our products. The production is fully automated what ensures efficiency and flexibility. The newest technological solutions allow to build new quality standards both for our customers and competitors. The exceptional care in selecting the best ingredients, in combination with special production process replies for requirements of even the most demanding pets.

An innovative proces of creation allows to prepare fully natural products without use of any artificial additives.

The best professionals

The use of top-notch production facilities ensures perfect balance of ingredients which together create a great product. Wide range of flavours and various properties may cover nutritional requirements of even the most demanding pets. Especially qualified personell each day cares for the top standards of production to satisfy our customers.

Petvita is QUALITY

Exceptional formulas developed especially for our four-legged friends give a guarantee of tasty and ensure an ideally calculated amounts of nutrients. Numerous certificates prove the best quality of Petvita products. Satisfaction of our customers and their pets is the best prove of taste and is a great motivation to search for better and better nutritional solutions with the best standards.